The Course: roughly 47 miles trail, 3 miles (mostly gravel and Park) road

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Sport Tracks summary from an entrant from 2013 race.

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Section 1 & 7: North Shelter to Old Mill - Section Map - Section Elevation

Distance: 3.1 Miles

Elevation Change: +920', -490' = +470'

Terrain: Mostly ascending on triple-track trail (dirt & broken asphalt).

Directions: From start proceed 0.4 mile, turn right to loop back along shoulder of park road and, at 0.6 miles carefully/minding traffic, cross park road to old park service road. Proceed uphill, through gate at .8 miles and turn left up grassy old utility road. At 1.0 miles merge with Gorge Trail. Remain on Gorge Trail for next 2.0 miles, emerging above Lucifer Falls, to Aid Station at the Pavilion just shy of the Old Mill.

Section 2 & 8: Old Mill to Underpass - Section Map - Section Elevation

Distance: 3.8 Miles

Elevation Change: +388', -870' = -483'

Terrain: Brief gradual ascent followed by long downhill, ½ mile gravel road, 3.3 miles singletrack.

Directions: Proceed along sidewalk next to Old Mill parking lot. At 3.2 miles make sharp left up old stairs immediately after/next to the Old Mill. At 3.5 miles emerge at old Civilian Conservation Corp site/intersection (grassy utility road in appearance). Cross over the grassy utility road, tracing upstream to Fishkill Creek Crossing at 3.6 miles. At 3.7 miles make hard/sharp right and emerge on dirt road at 3.8. Take a left and run uphill, making first left onto Thomas Rd (also dirt/gravel) at 3.9 miles (the high point re: elevation of this section). At 4.2 miles pass around gate and follow old dirt utility road to “T” intersection at 4.4 miles. Make a right, running very briefly on upper Rim Trail. Take first right on Blue Blaze connector to Finger Lakes Trail. Make left turn on White Blazed Finger Lakes Trail around 4.5 miles. After a brief steep ascent and relatively flat stretch, begin descending to base of Treman State Park, emerging at bottom to cross paved park service road (campsites to left) at 6.9 miles. Remain on trail to pass underneath Rt 13/34/96 bridge and emerge at Underpass Aid Station at 7.0 miles.

Sections 3 & 9: Underpass to Buttermilk - Section Map - Section Elevation

Distance: 5.5 Miles

Elevation Change: +1066', -1091' = -25'

Terrain: Creek crossing, short flat, short very steep up, gradual up/down, steep down to Buttermilk AS, 3.5 miles mostly singletrack, 1 mile park pavement, 1 mile tripletrack trail.

Directions: Leave AS passing through field, emerging at Railroad Tracks at 7.2 miles. (This is an active freight railroad with an unpredictable schedule, please do not cross tracks if train is anywhere in site. Please DO NOT cross creek on trestle as neither the event nor trail organization have permission to do so!) Cross over tracks, being careful on loose stone to descend to creek. Wade through water, follow singletrack around field perimeter, crossing a mostly dry creekbed around 7.5 miles. Ascend opposite bank and run to right along creek. At 7.6 miles veer right at "Y" and proceed up Very Steep Blue-Blazed Finger Lakes Trail spur. (Please Note: Runners MUST be no more than two abreast while ascending and MUST use switchbacks. NO SKYRUNNING straight lines as this area is trying to be returned from a very aggressively eroded state.) At 7.9 miles re-merge with White Blazed Finger Lakes Trail. Continue uphill and at 8.1 miles emerge at Jersey Hill Rd. Veer right and then quick left to return to white blazed Finger Lakes Trail. At 8.5 miles drop to your left to cross a creek (if you hit the Pipeline you’ve gone too far), and ascend through the woods on Orange-Blazed trail, emerging in a field and hitting King Rd at 8.9 miles. Make a right on King Rd and left at 9.0 miles. Follow Orange Blazes underneath powerlines to emerge at base of Yaple Rd at 9.9 miles. Make a right on Yaple, immediate left on Comfort Rd, and another immediate left past gate into upper Buttermilk State Park. At 10 miles make a sharp left onto a gravel path, cross a small stone bridge and creek and remain on mostly singletrack to emerge at base of old Lake Treman. After short steep broken paved descent emerge at parking lot w/ restrooms to your left at 10.9 miles. Follow Park Service Road (paved) 0.8 miles to King Rd. crossing. At 11.7 miles cross King Rd and descend on progressively steeper Rim Trail emerging at Aid Station at base of Buttermilk Falls at 12.5 miles.

Sections 4 & 10 Buttermilk to Underpass - Section Map - Section Elevation

Distance: 5.7 Miles

Elevation Change: +1158', -1132' = +25'

Terrain: Steep uphill on Gorge Trail, rolling singletrack with steep descent through Lick Brook along spine of gorge before re-crossing creek prior to Underpass AS, all double or singletrack trail.

Directions: Cross catwalk at base of Buttermilk Falls and ascend 0.9 miles on Gorge Trail. Emerge at King Rd making a right followed by a quick left, beginning along Bear Trail at 13.2 miles. Emerge from Bear Trail at 13.9 miles, keeping right to skirt the perimeter of a grassy field. At 14.1 miles merge w/ out-back stretch that will take you past old Lake Treman, crossing meeting Comfort Rd., taking a right and quick left on Yaple Rd at 15.1 miles. Make a right on King Rd. followed by quick left back onto trail and follow through woods, across the creek, and to the right to return to Jersey Hill Rd Crossing at top of Lick Brook Preserve at 16.8 miles. At 17.0 miles be sure to stay to right at "Y" (out portion of course coming at you), following White Blazed Finger Lakes Trail down steep spine of gorge, emerging at base of Blue Spur that you prior ascended. Run along field perimeter, re-cross creek and railroad tracks and arrive again at Underpass Aid Station at 18.2 miles.

Sections 5 & 11: Underpass to Old Mill - Section Map - Section Elevation

Distance: 3.8 Miles

Elevation Change: +835', -370' = +465'

Terrain: Ascending on singletrack trail for 2.8M, gravel road flat/descent 0.7M, trail 0.3M.

Directions: Pass beneath bridge, cross Park Road at 18.3 miles and ascend on singletrack Finger Lakes Trail to Blue Blazed spur/connector to Rim Trail at 20.7 miles. Merge w/ left onto upper Rim Trail and quickly make a left at 20.8 miles to old utility road. Pass around gate at 21.0 miles to merge w/ Thomas Rd, turn right onto gravel road at 21.2 miles, and at bottom of hill make a right back onto trail, passing through boulders. Make a sharp left to remain on trail (if you hit the bridge that at some point is going to collapse into the water, which is why we aren't using it, you've gone to far). Recross Fishkill Creek, pass across old CCC site intersection, emerging next to the Old Mill at 21.9 miles. Follow sidewalk to Old Mill pavilion/Aid Station at 22 miles.

Sections 6 and 12: Old Mill AS to North Shelter - Section Map - Section Elevation

Distance: 3.1 Miles

Elevation Change: +470', -920' = -450'

Terrain: 2.5 mile mostly descending on tripletrack Gorge Trail, 0.1 utility road, 0.5 miles grass to turnaround point.

Directions: Leave Old Mill AS by crossing over stone arch bridge and making a left onto pedestrian path. Descend on Gorge Trail to base of Lucifer Falls. Stay straight and continue mostly descending on Gorge Trail. At 23.9 miles take left cut to grassy utility road and follow to base emerging in front of the McCutcheon’s gorgeous home at 24.4 miles. Take a right, pass around the gate, descend on old utility road, cross main Park Road, heading right in the grass along the shoulder before final left turn to continue along grass back to turnaround point or finish at North Shelter. Repeat if at AS, relax if finished. You’re awesome!