North Pavilion
Lower Robert H. Treman State Park
105 Enfield Falls Rd.
Ithaca, NY 14850

Aid Stations

The event is well aided w/ stations averaging approximately 4 miles apart. Every Aid Station will have GU Brew, GU Gel/Roctane, water, soda, pretzels, and typical fare that might include fruit, sandwiches, potatoes, candy, etc... in addition to duct tape and a basic medical kit. If you require specific dietary items, i.e. gluten-free, let us know and we'll do our best to accommodate. The event will not provide medical items such as Ibuprofen. Medical supervision will not be present at Aid Stations. Entrants in registering acknowledge adequate foresight of event requirements and risks paired with their associated fitness and health considerations, and the responsibility to plan and drop gear as needed at aid stations.

Cut-Offs and Dropping Out

The event, per useable trail light, and park policy, will start at 06:00 and have a 15-hour cutoff at 21:00. Individual AS cutoff times have been set to ensure that entrants are moving through at or under 15 hours. No runner however, if of good physical and mental condition, and where safety is not of concern, will be cut prior to the established 13:00 (1:00 PM) cut off at mile 25.0, AS6, North Shelter. Runners may fall behind guideline cuts prior to that point but no runner checking out of AS6 after 13:00 will be permitted to continue. Individual AS Cut-Offs will be enforced beyond AS6.

If an entrant misses a cutoff they understand in registering that they will be formally pulled from the event, and receive a DNF in the results at the AS of cutoff. We will make attempts to return those entrants to the start when able but they understand that at that point they are outside of the formal supervision of the event. Event volunteers reserve the right to additionally both delay and pull entrants from the event if they feel the entrant does not appear in sound physical or mental standing. Any entrant DNF'ing due to missing cut-offs or per their decision must surrender their race number to AS personnel. Any entrant not surrendering number and informing AS of DNF status will not be permitted back in future years.

AS# AS Name Section
Run Time
Time of Day
Run Time
Time of Day
1 Old Mill 3.1 3.1 0:25 06:25 0:50 06:50
2 Underpass 3.8 6.9 0:55 06:55 1:35 07:35
3 Buttermilk 5.5 12.4 1:45 07:45 3:00 09:00
4 Underpass 5.7 18.1 2:35 08:35 4:40 10:40
5 Old Mill 3.8 21.9 3:15 09:15 5:50 11:50
6 North Shelter 3.1 25.0 3:40 09:40 7:00 13:00
7 Old Mill 3.1 28.1 4:15 10:15 8:00 14:00
8 Underpass 3.8 31.9 4:50 10:50 8:55 14:55
9 Buttermilk 5.5 37.4 5:45 11:45 10:25 16:25
10 Underpass 5.7 43.1 6:40 12:40 12:15 18:15
11 Old Mill 3.8 46.9 7:25 13:25 13:35 19:35
Finish North Shelter 3.1 50.0 7:50 13:50 15:00 21:00

Drop Bags

The event will take drop bags to all aid stations, if left by 05:30 race morning in designated areas at the North Pavilion/Start-Finish. Drop bags left after 05:30 Saturday morning will not be guaranteed transport. Drop bags should be clearly labeled with entrant's BIB# as well as intended AS# AND AS Name. Entrants are additionally able to leave items at the North Shelter midway point.

We'll do our best to keep them sorted and arriving in timely fashion. Entrants should understand that despite our best intentions on occasions bags may be mixed up or delayed and that they should not rely on drop bags. Drop bags will be returned at the conclusion of the event on Saturday night, or when aid stations are closed (Old Mill at 19:35, Underpass at 18:15 and Buttermilk at 16:25). Please do not inquire re: having them returned sooner.

Entrants and/or crews are permitted to retrieve drop bags from ASs at anytime but are asked to show AS volunteers entrant's BIB# at time of pickup. Drop bags not collected by Saturday night may not be returned/may be discarded. If other arrangements are made to mail them to entrants shipping costs will be paid by the entrants.


Pacers are not allowed.

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