CT50 Awards Breakdown

In-Race Incentive Prizes

  1. $250: M+W: Put 3 minutes on the field by AS1 and still finish in top 10.
  2. $250: M+W: Fastest 1st loop Lick Brook climb and still finish in top 10.
  3. $250 for the fastest split time, male or female, outside of the top 10 whose last section is faster than their gender's winner.
  4. Coveted CT50 Sprinter's Jersey: Fastest male and female of the day b/w AS1 and AS2.
  5. Coveted CT50 Climber's Jersey: Fastest male and female of the day b/w AS6 and AS7.
  6. Coveted CT50 Overall Leader's Jersey: Overall male and female winners.
  7. Well-earned CT50 Walk The Line Sweeper's Jersey for last place male and female finishers who finish under 15 hours.
  8. 1st Entrant to miss cutoff at North Shelter at 13:00 (can go up to two if runners are a pair):
    1. Automatic "Second Chance": permitted to continue on but have to reach next/AS7/Old Mill prior to cut.
    2. "Second Wind": Bottle of Hermann J. Wiemer Vineyard Wine if they reach AS9/Buttermilk under cut.
    3. "Earned It Back": Entry fee refunded if able to reach AS11/Old Mill still under time cut.
  9. An Ultimate Direction Hydration Vest for the M/F (2) runner with the biggest (if any) negative split (i.e. faster 2nd 25 vs 1st 25).
  10. 24 count box of GU for the biggest positive split (i.e. slower 2nd 25 vs 1st 25) by a M/F (2) finisher.
  11. 3 pair of socks to the finisher who, at the finish line, can demonstrate wearing the worst-condition socks (if several are in contention we'll take it to online voting).
  12. Set of "swimmies" and copy of photograph to the best water show on camera, intentional, or not, at the Cayuga Inlet Creek Crossing (which did not in anyway impeded upon the performance of the entrants around you). Inaugural winner, Kristina Folcik caught in this gem.
  13. First person of the day to DNF secondary to missing the cutoff: Comp'd entry for 2015 and 60 minute phone coaching consultation from iRunFar's Sean Meissner.
  14. 6 wire pigtail hangers (planted in the ground) will be placed along the course, each w/ a laminted photo of a yummy looking pie. First six who notice, nab, and drop those hangers at the next aid station win the pies homemade by Mrs. Eddy, family of the generations owned Eddydale Farm Stand, which is located on Rt. 13 right across from the park.
  15. Pair of Tifosi Optics for the inaugural "Comin' In Hot" award to the entrant, who on finishing their first lap, is able to out-kick the winner as they are finishing the race (assuming the winner laps other entrants).

NOTE/DISCLAIMERS: I set these up to be based on legit and genuine efforts. If I feel that any runner took advantage of them, i.e. intentionally came in just under the halfway cut for cut-off based awards, the award and entry going forward will be revoked and you will be publicly shamed in the to-be-then-created Publicly-Shamed-tab on the website.

Overall Podium Purse Prizes

Jenna Gruben-Morrill Memorial Award

Top-placing female non-"elite": Race Tree Drawing and next year’s Entry Comp’d

Division Awards

(1st, 2nd, 3rd in with overall and Jenna's awards removed. Awards chosen from table of goods including sweet shoes and soft-goods from technically dialed hydration systems from Ultimate Direction, slick and functional eyewear from Tifosi, and some of the finest wine that the Finger Lakes Region has to offer from the Hermman J. Wiemer Vineyard)